About Us

Well Established
There has been a pet shop in Radford, Coventry for many decades. Mr and Mrs Russell bought the shop in the early seventies and gave it their family name "Russell's". They successfully ran the store until their retirement in 2013.  Seeing one of the oldest pet shops in our City about to close was tough, so I stepped in and bought it, retaining the name. I (Sarah) run the shop Assisted by Tracey and part-time staff.

I have made a few changes, but kept the same product lines and the friendly family feel, knowing a lot of regular customers by name.



We aim to please
With the market place saturated with goodies, it is impossible to hold stock of everything. We hold stock of over 2000 products and have access to 1000s more. We regularly place orders with suppliers; some every week, some monthly, some a little less often. We are always more than willing to order an item in especially for you or offer an alternative brand if necessary.



Keep it Local
We are an independent Business, not a huge corporation. We aim to support our local community  by maintaining healthy stock levels to accommodate the needs of our customers and by supporting local charities and sponsoring local sports clubs.



That extra Mile
We appreciate you shopping with us, especially as internet shopping is so easy these days. We strive to be as helpful as possible, by spending as much time with you as you need; whether that be choosing and handling your new pet, giving advice, helping you to your car, phoning a taxi for you or just being a friend to talk to.

Less issues!
Good food
for good

Pet Grooming?

No problem!

Family Pets

We can help you choose a pet suitable for your lifestyle

Keep them entertained

Toys to keep them occupied or for playing a game of fetch

Keep them healthy

Vitamins, Joint supplements, oral care, flea and worm treatments


Reward your pet with his or her favourite treats or chews