Animate Barley Straw for Ponds
3 x 60g logs

The Triple Pack is good value, giving you enough Barley Straw to keep your pond clear for a season.

A natural green pond and blanket weed cure. Place the Barley Straw in your pond and as it decomposes it uses up a large amount of the nitrogen in the pond, which is a rich plant food source. Algae and blanket weed require nitrogen to survive, as they have no leaf or root structure. Higher forms of plant life with roots and leaves can flourish with lower levels of food.

Each Barley Straw log is sufficient for 1000 gallons; larger ponds will need two or more logs. Replace when straw has decayed (usually 8-10 weeks) and use all year round. (See label for more details).

Animate Barley Straw for Ponds

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