Aqua-GLO T8 Fluorescent Aquarium Bulb, 15 W, 46 cm x 2.5 cm (18 in x 1 in)

SKU: A1582
£14.50 Regular Price
£11.60Sale Price

The Aqua-GLO T8, 15 W linear fluorescent aquarium bulb generates an ideal fish colour-enhancing spectrum and delivers a strong photosynthetic range of light very capable of stimulating vigorous plant growth. This normal output bulb has a colour temperature of 18000K and fits all suitable standard and electronic ballasts. It is an excellent bulb to combine with Power-GLO and/or Life-GLO bulbs in most planted aquariums. Size: 46 cm (18 in).

  • Spec

    T8 Bulb
    15 W
    290 Lumen
    18,000 K
    7,500 Hours

  • Delivery

    This Item is not suitable for courier delivery due to it's delicate nature

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