Beaphar Worming Cream


Beaphar Worming Cream is a pleasant-tasting, savoury paste, supplied in an easy-to-use syringe that eliminates roundworms in dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Puppies and kittens should be treated for roundworms at 2 weeks of age. Multi-use pack, suitable for treating whole litters and their mothers. Also suitable for older pets that do not like to take tablets. Can be administered directly into the mouth, applied to a paw, or mixed with a little food.


Size: 18g


Beaphar Worming Cream is a UK authorised veterinary medicinal product.


Use medicines responsibly

  • How to use

    Beaphar Worming Cream is mild and pleasantly flavoured; no fasting or purging is required before administration. It may be administered in the following ways:


    • By dabbing the required amount onto the nose or mouth, from where the animal will lick it off. 

    • Given on a biscuit, or added to a small amount of the animal’s daily meal (give the remainder afterwards to make sure that all the Worming Cream has been taken). If your household has more than one cat or dog, feed them separately to make sure that each pet receives the right dose. 

    • Administered directly into the mouth.


    Each graduation of the syringe will dispense the correct amount of Worming Cream for 1kg bodyweight. The syringe is marked with guidelines for each 1kg bodyweight dose. The syringe will treat up to 45kg bodyweight. To administer the correct volume, depress the plunger past the required number of graduations according to the weight of the animal.

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