Blagdon Green Away 250ml

Blagdon Green Away is specifically manufactured by experts at Blagdon and is designed to remove unsightly suspended unicellular algae which results in "pea soup" pond water. Green Away works by clumping the algae together and turning it in to a particle large enough for the filter to remove. The innovative solution will come in handy particularly during the warmer months of the year ,where exposure to sunlight can accelerate this type of algae in pond water. 

Blagdon Green Away 250ml is safe to use in all wildlife ponds and is safe to use in ponds with mixed fish communities. By reducing unicellular algae, viewing pleasure is enhanced, plants and fish can thrive and the unattractive opaque green tinge to your water is eradicated. Once Blagdon Green Away starts to work, particles sink to the floor of the pond or are removed by the filter. Any sludge left behind on the floor of the pond can be removed with Blagdon's Sludge Remover which prevents oxygen levels from becoming effected.

Treatment instructions are as follows:

- Calculate the volume of the pond using the following, length x width x depth x 1000 gives you the answer in litres (measured in meters) for gallons x by 4.45.

- Add 1 x 25ml for every 1,136 litres or 250 gallons in to a bucket of pond water and stir.

- Distribute evenly over the surface of the pond.

- If the algae persist repeat the treatment after 5 days.

There may be a build-up of sludge because of the dead algae this can cause a drop in oxygen levels which can cause problems therefore treating with Blagdon Sludge Buster after a course of treatment will prevent this.

Blagdon Green Away 250ml treats up to a 11,365 liter or 2,500 gallon pond.

Blagdon Green Away 250ml Pond Treatment

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