Trixie Car Harness

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Car Harness

webbing tape

can also be used for a daily walk

special padding and fully adjustable chest and belly straps

fast and easy to put on

with fully adjustable short leash (not suitable for all car types, alternate latches available separately)

colour: black

Important: Prevents the pet from moving around in the vehicle. For comprehensive accident protection use a certified car safety harness. Ideally your dog should travel on the rear bench seat.

Measurements: 20-50 cm/15 mm
Stomach circum.: 20-50 cm
for e.g.: Yorkshire Terrier
Colour: black

Measurements: 30-60 cm/20 mm
Stomach circum.: 30-60 cm
Weight: 50 kg
for e.g.: West Highland Terrier

Measurements: 50-70 cm/25 mm
Stomach circum.: 50-70 cm
for e.g.: Border Collie
Colour: black

Measurements: 70-90 cm/25 mm
Stomach circum.: 70-90 cm
Weight: 50 kg
for e.g.: Labrador

Measurements: 80-110 cm/25 mm
Stomach circum.: 80-110 cm
for e.g.: Bernese Mountain Dog
Colour: black

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