• HELPS TRAINING - Use as a reward for training or as a tasty snack, these natural treats are the perfect complementary pet food for dogs.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – These chicken chunk dog biscuits are free from artificial flavours and colours, making them as healthy as they are delicious. We only use natural peanut butter flavourings.
  • OVEN BAKED TO PERFECTION – Oven baked perfectly for our four legged friends, these natural dog treats are the perfect snack or a helping hand when training your dog.
  • MADE IN BRITAIN – High quality baked dog treats made on our farm based in the heart of Lincolnshire.
  • ENRICHED WITH VITAMINS AND MINERALS – Our chicken flavoured treats are full of vitamins and can be easily broken down in chunks for smaller breeds as well as larger ones.

Chewdles - Chicken Flavoured Dog Treats,

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