The CLIX No-Bark collar is designed to stop unwanted barking. The collar features a microphone which detects barking and automatically emits either a sound or vibration to interrupt the dog's barking. The collar has been completely redesigned, not only in terms of aesthetics, but the functionality and software have also been improved. The ergonomic shape is comfortable for the dog to wear and the muted grey colour, has a more subtle appearance. The Collar features the option to use either sound or vibration and has either two or three level settings dependent on the size of collar. The material collar is fully adjustable, for a correct and comfortable fit. Neck Size - Small: 24-42cm, Large: 38-74cm.


Useful Training Tips & Hints Using the CLIX No Bark Collar
Do not turn the unit on for 10 minutes or your dog may become collar smart.

All other collars or tags should be secured away from the unit.

Training with the collar
Move the ON/OFF SWITCH to VIBRATION. Later on, as your dog trains, you can switch from VIBRATION to SOUND.

  • The sensitivity switch gives you 3 levels of training, L, M and H. The L switch is for lower sensitivity. Move to M or H for more sensitivity as needed. 
  • Begin your training on L for Low Sensitivity.
  • As your dog becomes more trained you can slowly move to H and eventually wean your dog off the collar completely. 
  • The action of your dog barking will now activate the collar. 
  • Turn the unit switch to OFF when not in use to save battery life.  
  • Remember, this is a training collar - work with your pet.
  • When you see your pet react positively to the collar, praise him and give him one of his favourite treats 
  • Dogs learn through positive reinforcement, so do this often 
  • Reinforcement, praise and treat to reward good behaviour and soon your dog will stop the constant barking 
  • Be patient and follow the directions and soon your dog will be trained and you will have quiet in your home once again

CLIX No-Bark Collar Small

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