Ferplast Magic Mill Hamster Cage

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Dimension: 46 x 29.5 x h 46.5 cm

Multi-level hamster cage. Windmill design.

This hamster cage is absolutely unique! It has a wide base and narrows as it rises like a real windmill, complete with large blades that are connected to the wheel. Colourful and fun, this habitat will attract the attention of your children and teach them how to care for the furry little creature while providing it with the utmost comfort.

The Magic Mill habitat comes equipped with a food dish, water dispenser and a little house for naptime, all of it made in plastic. The cage has several levels that are connected via ladders and designed to be used at different times of day. The structure is a coated metal mesh guaranteed to be solid and long lasting, while the plastic base provides enough space for the litter, dirt and food residue.

Easy to keep clean, the Magic Mill hamster cage has a side opening for daily maintenance, and the various levels can be removed when needed. When it’s time for more thorough housekeeping, the bottom of the cage can be completely detached from the mesh.

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