With the range of Natura Fun nests by Ferplast you could take care of wild birds especially in winter or during the nest building season. In this time of the year, in fact, wild birds difficulty find a warm shelter and food. Very colourful, nice and originally shaped, Natura Fun will help you to teach your children to take care of wild birds. Natura Fun wooden nests will provide a comfortable home for birds, they are sturdy and long-lasting products, perfect for outdoor since treated using a special non-toxic varnish. Just hung a Natura Fun nest from your garden trees to welcome birds bringing a touch of cheerfulness and serenity into your garden.


A welcoming nest for all wild birds.

Natura Fun wooden nests are large and comfortable, they have inside a suitable space where birds can build their nest, lay eggs and breed their babies. All the range of Natura Fun bird nests features original shapes and designs. The model NATURA FUN 2, for example, has the shape of a cuckoo clock with a sloping roof and a useful perch on the external side, a small round opening allowing birds easy entrance and a stylized clock shape in the middle. Besides, like all Natura nests, it is easy to clean and maintain since the roof can be opened. A metal hook fixed to the nest roof is necessary to hang the nest from your garden trees.

Ferplast Natura Fun 2 Bird Nest Box

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