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Frozen rats are a great staple for carnivorous reptiles and birds.  Rodents form a significant part of their natural diet, and rats provide great nutrition.
Frozen rats come on a range of sizes, providing very small to larger sized prey.  Rat pups are less than 10g, to larger rats at 250-400g.  This makes them very convenient for feeding.  The large frozen rats may be preferred by larger feeders.  Good for both small and larger feeders, as you can just vary the size and number of rats given.
A variety of different prey should be provided, similar to how they would eat in the wild.  Variety improves the overall nutritional profile of the diet and helps ensure that all the nutritional needs are being met, as well as making the diet more interesting.  A mixture of birds and rodents is a good basis for most carnivorous reptiles and birds.  Frozen chicks, mice and rats are the most popular choice

Frozen Rats Small (90-150g) Qty 25 or 50

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