Live Bird Food - Mini Mealworms (Tub) 55g


Mini Mealworms (9-13mm)

Mini Mealworms are carefully graded over mesh sieves to ensure a consistent size is always sold. They are actually part-grown Mealworms, ideal for feeding to small insectivorous aviary birds or wild birds. Especially suitable for nestlings.

Mini Mealworms Uses and Application

Removed from their feed whilst still young and tender, Mini Mealworms are less than one third the size of Regular Mealworms. They were introduced in 1985 in response to demand by Aviculturists. Minis are ideal for most soft bills, insectivorous birds and Finches, especially Waxbills which become very insectivorous during their breeding season. Young nestlings devour Mini Mealworms in large quantities.

Mini Mealworms are a perfect substitute for Buffalo Worms- less costly and easier to store yet equally nutritious and attractive to birds.

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