Live Reptile Food - Waxworms (Tub)


Waxworms (Galleria mellonella) 15-25mm (Tub Contains 40-45)
Waxworms are the larvae of the Waxmoth, specially treated with a completly natural process to inhibit pupation and aid storage. Waxworms are fed on delicious nutrients such as honey and wheatgem. Highly nutritous with soft skins Waxworms are suitable for feeding to any lizard or insectivorous aviary bird or wild bird.

  • Storage

    Waxworms should be stored in a cool dark, well ventilated area.  The warmer they are kept the faster they grow, and then pupate and become moths.  At room temperature waxworms can be kep for around 3-4 weeks before they pupate, although moths can be a great treat.

    The waxworms can be stored in the tubs they come in, or in a larger well-ventialted container.  Bran and honey can be provided for food and moisture.

  • Feeding Guide

    Place a few waxworms in a small, shallow container in the cage/vivarium.  Waxworms make excellent food for reptiles especially with their high calcium and protein content, but due to their higher fat content they shouldn't be used as a staple, although they are very useful to fatten up a thin reptile.

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