Our top quality, highly nutritious minced Tripe portions can be fed as part of a home prepared raw diet.Bone free.Suitable for working dogs.
Pack size 400g portion. 

This is a Frozen product and not suitable for courier delivery

Dogs love Tripe. Super healthy and highly nutritious, this bone free raw meat ingredient can be used as part of your dog's homemade raw meals.Healthy, delicious and full of flavour. 
137 kcal/100gDue to this being a natural product, colour, texture and appearance may vary from batch to batch due to seasonal variations.

Natures Menu Raw Tripe Mince Portions

  • Tripe (100%)

  • Crude Protein (13.5%), Crude Fat (10.6%), Crude Ash (1.9%), Crude Fibres (1%), Moisture (73%).
    137 kcal/100g 

    Additives (per kg)


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