Friendly ReadiGrass is made exclusively from our own fields in the heart of Yorkshire and offers a delicious fibre source to keep your animal healthy. Our drying process removes only the water – keeping the natural flavour, wonderful smell, colour and high nutrient value of fresh grass.

Friendly ReadiGrass is great for stimulating appetite and is tempting even to the fussiest of feeders. It is packed with all the essential nutrients that will keep your rabbit or small animal in tip top condition: 

Beneficial Fibre - A great source of nutrients and keeps digestive system moving effectively.

Protein - Balanced protein delivers energy and supports healthy growth.

Vitamins & Minerls - Required to maintain health and keep coat shiny.

Dental Health - Grazing on grass is the perfect way to keep your pets teeth worn and healthy.

Crude Protein12% 
Total Oils2% 
Crude Fibre28% 
Vitamin C
Phosphorus 0.27%

Feeding Advice

ReadiGrass can be fed ad lib

ReadiGrass can be fed on its own or mixed with a good quality hay.

Ensure access to fresh water at all times


100% Dried Grass

Readigrass 1kg

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