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Formulated to match the optimal Macro Nutritional Profile instinctively preferred by adult cats. With carefully selected nutrients included for optimal palatability, the end product is a dish that your cat simply won’t be able to resist.

Helps support a healthy urinary system.

Formulated to help maintain ideal weight.

Royal Canin Instinctve in Gravy Wet Pouch Cat Food

SKU: 2862001
  • Cat


    Pouches only Pouches + Dry food
    3 kg 2+1/4 1 portieverpakking+ 26 g
    4 kg 3 1 portieverpakking + 36 g
    5 kg 3+1/4 1 portieverpakking + 45 g
    6 kg 3+3/4 1 portieverpakking + 54 g
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